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Website Types

"There are many types of websites. What type do you need?"

Website types refer to a site's purpose which can determine what content to display, what audience to target, how to display it, what technology to use, what colors to use to market it and so on. Google Sites websites can be used for many types but not all. To learn more about the limitations of Google Sites, visit the FAQS page.

What types of websites are available?

If you can think of a need, a website probably exists including niche types, as well. But definite website types do exist that have similar structures and technologies.

Note that some websites may not fit neatly into one type but fortunately, websites can be customized once your website's needs are defined.

The following list of website types is not complete. If you don't see one that you think describes your site's purpose, ask.

  • personal
  • e-commerce
  • event
  • portfolio
  • directory
  • business
  • blog

Which one is right for you?

To answer that question, ask yourself "what is your site's purpose?" Is it to sell, promote, inform, organize resources or something else?

Google Sites can be used for many types of websites but is not a good choice for websites that must rely heavily on scripting, need databases, require heavy styling and need more robust e-commerce within the website.

While many of these limitations might we worked around, it is best to find the right web builder tool to start with and eliminate these limitations to allow for future website growth.

If Google Sites is right for your website, Sites SOS can build a website for you that you can update and manage yourself and provide training, too.