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Google Sites FAQS

"Google Sites is a great tool to create and manage a site."

Google has made Google Sites easy to use, offers support for its products and integrates many of those products into a Google Sites website. But, it has its limitations and may not be a good choice for all websites. Be sure it is right for your website before creating your website and that you are ready for website ownership.

What are the basic requirements to create a Google Sites Website?

  1. Computer
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Browsers
  4. Mouse and keyboard
  5. Email address (to create a Google Account) unless you create a gmail account which by default comes with a regular Google Account
  6. Google Account (regular or Apps)

What is required to manage a Google Sites Website?

  1. Basic Computer Skills
    1. can use a mouse & keyboard
    2. know what an editor is
  2. Basic Internet Skills
    1. know what a browser is & how to use one
    2. can open multiple tabs in a browser
    3. know what a dialog box is (pop-up box)
    4. know what a Google account is
    5. understand bookmarks
  3. Basic Tools
    1. multiple browsers
    2. file manager
    3. image editor (recommended but optional)
    4. method/program to manage accounts and passwords
  4. Training to learn how to use Google products
  5. Staying up-to-date with Google product updates
  6. Webmaster to manage the site
  7. Admin to manage Google Apps account, if used
  8. Learn some HTML and a little about websites

What Google products and services come with a Google Sites website?

  1. Free website hosting
  2. Free website building tool (Google Sites)
  3. Free public support via help forums, video and text tutorials and if Google Apps is used, live Google support is available
  4. Free email for gmail accounts
  5. Free Google products though some must be added to your account

What are the financial costs?

  1. Google Apps Account, if used
  2. Domain name, if used
  3. Website Development if not built for free.
    1. images
    2. logo & other graphic art
    3. writer
    4. scripts
    5. developer to build the site

What are the other costs?

Time. It takes time to learn how to build, update, manage and trouble shoot problems and a commitment to continual learning.

What are the capabilities and limitations of Google Sites?

Google Sites tries to balance ease of use and features.This means that websites are easier to manage because there are less features offered but it also means that design and scripting is limited.

Google Sites are best suited to sites with little scripting, simple design and easy management. Google Sites has limited CSS, limited HTML use, no FTP and limited use of scripts (must be in gadgets).

While elaborate websites can be built using Google Sites, it is not recommended for most owners. Google Sites was created to build wiki like websites.

Anything more elaborate requires customization that is beyond the average Google Sites user's knowledge and skills to maintain and takes more time to manage, requires training or an experienced webmaster.

When using Google Sites, simpler is better.