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About Sites SOS

"I love working and playing with Google Sites websites."

My History

This website evolved out of years of volunteer building, helping, advising and supporting Google Sites websites, as well as building - managing websites from code. It was a response to the need for professional Google Sites website support services. 

What I Do

I build, maintain and teach others about Google Sites websites. 

My Purpose

I make your job as a website owner and/or webmaster easier.  I offer professional level Google Sites website support for website owners who don't have the time, skills and/or inclination whether you are just getting started or if you already have an established website.

My Experience

Years of building websites from the code up, using WC3 standards has given me an understanding of website structure and best practices. Often they can be applied to Google Sites. Having also built Google Sites websites, I am aware of its limitations and capabilities.

Website Samples

Samples can be seen at my other website, Sites SOS Templates.

Need More Information?

If there is anything else you would like to know about Sites SOS, please ask.