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Simple Website

"Creating a simple site is not easy. Each part must be carefully selected."

Can you do the job?

I"ll help you create a new website. Together we'll build a simple Google Sites website that will work now and grow with you as your website needs change. Do you know how to create a professional website yourself? What are the steps?  What technical questions should you ask?  Where do you start?  Contact me about a free simple website estimate.

Why use Google Sites for a website?

Its free, has a lot of support, is easy to use (training is recommended), works in a browser though Chrome is best (no download required) and integrates with many Google products.

What will I get?

You will get up to 5 pages, a premade contact form (if you like) and a simple, attractive design.

Can my site grow with my goals?

Yes it can with planning. Add more pages and content, integrate other Google products or even update the theme.

How does the creation process work?

  1. define your site (schedule a meeting)
    1. names of your pages
    2. page content (you provide)
    3. if you want a premade form or not
    4. provide example of simple design you want
  2. create a job spec and give you a price quote
  3. you approve the job
  4. build your site
  5. you give feedback (limited number of change requests allowed)
  6. site is finished
  7. you pay me
  8. site is published
  9. training is available 

How much time will it take?

A simple site can be done within a few days up to a week. I can work as fast as you an respond to my inquiries and get website content to me. I won't start the job until I have everything to begin work.

What will it cost?

I charge by the hour. See the pricing page. Prices will vary by the site.

The more elaborate the site, the more time the job takes. To save money keep page content and page layout simple, don't make a lot of site change requests and keep the website design simple.

Once I have all the job information, a price quote can be given. I'll try to work within your budget.

If you have a very limited budget, I might be able to create a site with less pages, a simpler design and no form, for example.

Can I manage my site?

I offer training for each website I build. As long as the site is kept simple and you learn how to use Google Sites, you can manage it yourself.