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Google Sites requires training.

Do you know the basics?

I'll teach you to work on your own website. Learn what work you can do yourself and when you should hire someone. I offer free training via Google Helpouts. Do you know Google Sites well enough to work on your own site? What is the page life cycle? What are the template parts? What are the parts of Google Sites? Contact me about a free training check up. Want video training, contact me via my Helpouts page.

  • Template
    • how to create a website 
      • via Google Sites
      • via planning
    • how the template works
      • presentation
      • structure
    • site level CSS
  • Navigation
    • horizontal
    • sidebar
  • Pages
    • steps to create a page
    • create a page templates
    • the life cycle of a page from creation to deletion
    • page layout
    • how to add content
  • Editors
    • use the text editor
    • use the HTML editor
  • Forms
    • add premade forms to site
  • Gadgets
    • add built in gadgets such as announcement, list & file cabinet gadgets to pages
  • Site Management
    • use the Attachments page (type of file manager)
    • sharing
    • trash
  • Editors
    • text
    • HTML