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Support & Maintenance

"Keeping a website up-to-date doesn't just happen. It must be scheduled.

Do you know what is involved?

I'll help you maintain your website.I can do one-time jobs, create a site maintenance schedule or do repeat jobs daily, weekly, monthly or other. No contract required.Do you know how to update your site? When? What? How oftenHow many tasks? How often a year? What Google products? What training and skills are needed? The cost? Contact me about a free maintenance check up.

Basic Support Services

These services are done often to keep a website up-to-date, sometimes following a regular schedule such as a weekly news post or after an event. Usually wording, image or document files are replaced and are quick to do.

  • Site
    • fix broken links
  • Pages
    • create new with content or not
    • delete or rename and reuse
    • update content (text, links, images, etc...)
    • replace images
  • Forms
    • add premade forms to site and check form settings
  • Gadgets
    • add built in page gadgets: announcement, list & file cabinet
  • Site checkup and recommendations

Custom Support Services

These services are not done often, most usually at the time of a new site's creation or makeover. They require more planning, more modifying, tools outside of Google Sites (image program for example) and usually take more time.

  • Website Template
    • create new or modify current including the parts
    • change structure width, height, template parts
    • change design: base theme, colors, fonts, template images
    • create style sheet
  • Page
    • new layout or modification
    • check formatting & colors
    • fix broken content
    • fix poorly organized content
    • add missing images
  • Form
    • new or modification
  • Custom
    • HTML
    • graphics
    • page formatting
  • consultation before, during or after


These services can be done weekly to yearly, it depends on your site. They refer to tasks that affect a site's performance or the infrastructure behind the site. Sample services are listed below.  If you don't see a service listed, ask.

  • Pages
    • check for duplicate, unused pages
    • check settings and descriptions
  • Attachments
    • check all files properly named
    • check for unused & duplicate files
  • Trash
    • check for accidentally deleted content
    • empty trash, if you like
  • Sharing
    • check for approved sharing settings and users
  • Site checkup and recommendations