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"I help Google Sites owners with their websites. I organize, build, fix, change, advise, create, update, train, listen and more".

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Google Sites Simple Websites

I"ll help you create a new website. Together we'll build a simple Google Sites website that will work now and grow with you as your website needs change.

Do you know how to create a professional website yourself?

What are the steps? What technical questions should you ask? Where do you start?

Contact me about a free simple website estimate.

Google Sites Simple Websites

Google Sites Website Support

I'll help you maintain your website.I can do one-time jobs, create a site maintenance schedule or do repeat jobs daily, weekly, monthly or other. No contract required.

Do you know how to update your site? When? What? How often?

How many tasks? How often a year? What Google products? What training and skills are needed? The cost?

Contact me about a free main-tenance check up.

Google Sites Support

Google Sites Website Training

I'll teach you to work on your own website. Learn what work you can do yourself and when you should hire someone. I offer free training via Google Helpouts.

Do you know Google Sites well enough to work on your own site?

What is the page life cycle? What are the template parts? What are the parts of Google Sites?

Contact me about a free training check up.

Google Sites FREE Training